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Welcome, you have stumbled upon my 1956 Buick reference site!

I collect 1956 Buick Literature, Catalogs, Repair Manuals, Advertisements, Ephemera, Technical Manuals, one of a kind Factory documents ...you name it. Besides collecting, I am restoring my own 1956 Buick Super and keep a running blog about my restoration progress. I maintain this enthusiast site to serve as a reference for other 1956 Buick owners. The one-time cost to join is reasonable (covers my expenses of making all this information available to you!) and you have immediate access to download everything for your own archives to your local computer.

I enjoy hearing from other 1956 Buick owners, so feel free to drop me a line or send pictures of your 1956 Buick project. I've received emails from every corner of the world, spanning from Austria to Australia and points between. I can be emailed at rsbudd@gmail.com

Cheers !

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